Pass Plus Courses

This is training for someone who has passed their driving test within the last 12 months and wishes to both improve their driving skills, in areas such as motorways, and obtain a reduced insurance premium.
There are 6 modules to complete:-

  1. Introduction and town centres
  2. Night time driving
  3. All weather driving
  4. Out of town and rural roads
  5. Dual Carriageways
  6. Motorways

When taking Pass Plus training I feel that it is important to be driving in territory which is less familiar. To this end I generally run a Pass Plus course in two sessions of 3 hours, with the appropriate breaks of course. Or for the adventurous it can be done in one six hour session, driving usually to Blackpool, where lunch is taken, and returning through Clitheroe to Halifax. (No time to ride the Pepsi Max I'm afraid).

This extended driving over the 3 hour period enhances the need for concentration on long journeys and allows people to experience a greater variety of road and traffic situations which may not have been possible during the L-lessons.

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